Patti Randazzo Beckett

Art Life Politics



Detail Triple Assault moves through the hills, acrylic on paper, 30 x 22 inches


I have spent many years working in the Hamilton arts community.

I was the past Executive Director of the Hamilton & Region Arts Council, Interim Executive Director at Community Arts Ontario, and a member of the City of Hamilton Arts Advisory Commission. I have also sat on numerous boards, agencies and collectives.

Now retired from waged work, I'm currently trying to avoid sitting on any more boards and devote my time to making art.

Artist Statement:

Why do I draw? I love to. I crave it. I love to apply a pencil, a piece of conté, a pen to a piece of paper. I like to see ‘the dot that went for a walk.’ I want to see what happens when I put a mark here, a smudge there, a broad stroke, a narrow line. There’s no logical answer. Why do you breathe? Why do you blink? It’s a part of you. That is what drawing is to me.

Why do I draw what I draw? I love the human form. I love horses. Both make me feel strong and free when I draw them.

I draw the female form in all its curvaceous-ness and the movement of the body through space and time. Work is representational, or repetitive, or intuitive, or embellished. Is this an objectified form seen through my eyes or am I objectifying myself through the form I put on paper?

I spend hours at a farm. A beautiful, messy, rolling hilled organic place. Shit happens - literally.

I ride horses; I feed horses; I clean horses; I clean after horses; I watch horses. I feed goats; I chase goats that have escaped. I fix fences.

I don’t like dirt. What I mean is that I don’t like to weed and garden. Let me shovel shit.

So I combine the things I love: the line, the form and the farm. 


All works exhibited in this space are created by Patti Randazzo Beckett and may not be reproduced without Ms. Beckett's permission as outlined in the Canadian Copyright Act.