Patti Randazzo Beckett

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Detail, Trinacria Terranu & Mari, Acrylic on mylar, 72 x 36 inches


I am obsessed.

With my name. Over fifteen years ago I googled my name, Patti Randazzo, to see what was out there. What came up was nothing about me personally, but the train schedules of both towns, Patti and Randazzo, in Sicily. My ancestral home. Flash forward ten years - I am there.

I am obsessed.

With horses. I have wanted a horse since I first saw one. I have painted and drawn horses since I could hold a crayon. I love the mythology of the horse, the passion, the ability they have to sooth and have total awareness of my emotions.

I am obsessed.

With farm and land. I work part-time on my daughter’s farm. This is familial. This is what we were in Sicily. We come back to the land, always.

On walls near the earth of Neolithic caves and on ancient monuments you can find the three fold flag of Sicily. The Trinacria symbol enfolds me: I am Canadian, I am Sicilian, I am tied to the Land.

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